All of us experience sometime or the other in life. A feeling of desperation, when one want to give up things.I too felt once and I did give enough signs but people didn't bother about it. That is when we feel that no one is there to care for you any more and want to... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs..”BE HERE NOW”

Steve job was there at the right time and right place? Is this the reason for his success? I doubt this very much. The whole success can’t be contributed solely to that factor. Jobs co- founded apple in 1976 , had a successful career till 1985 and then booted out of the company in a... Continue Reading →

Don’t run in a running train

T C Sajit is presently working as member of the strategy group and chief Human Resources officer -Bangalore International Airport Ltd . TC Sajit Ethical, extremely principled and very very competent is what all his employers talk about him on LinkedIn. A man with high integrity, sincerity and down to earth blended with a gift... Continue Reading →

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