“Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubble,¬†Ancient footprints are everywhere…”

This blog is my personal canvas, on which I will paint my masterpiece. It will include random thoughts on any number of topics. An endeavor to capture for posterity a few of the more lucid thoughts rattling around in my skull.

From an early age I’ve been an independent thinker, a maverick if you will. One of six children, I was the only one to embrace traditional conservative values, and even though I grew up a few miles outside of Washington, D.C., in the heart of Redskins country, I became a lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan at the tender age of 12.

Speaking of Dem Boyz, am I the only one in America who feels sorry for defensive players who have to stop Ezekiel Elliot? If I ever met a woman who put a smile on my face as often as Zeke does, I’d be a very happy man!