All of us experience sometime or the other in life. A feeling of desperation, when one want to give up things.I too felt once and I did give enough signs but people didn’t bother about it. That is when we feel that no one is there to care for you any more and want to give up.Fortunately I have survived.. may be God has given me a role to play. But not many are fortunate..A siddhartha, a chaitra, and many more.

Chaitra was a boisterous, beautiful young girl who had big dreams and was full of life.I remember the days when she used to tell me to be more adventurous and have a mug of beer. I used to laugh it off when she is used to tell me this. The relation was more like friends then as teacher and student. chaitra, when got married and had to settle in conservative family couldn’t adjust.she gave all signs of destruction of self. she slowly withdrew herself and one fine day she had the point of no return. A young life wilted away. did we do a mistake?..yes..what is life when you don’t have time for few min to be with the person who is giving up. Till date I regret that I was not able to be with her.

Siddarth may have a different story to tell. . we should all teach the youngsters how to face failure. The emotional stability is what is important to people.

pls follow the I will be writing more on emotional stability..


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