Don’t run in a running train

T C Sajit is presently working as member of the strategy group and chief Human Resources officer -Bangalore International Airport Ltd .

TC Sajit

Ethical, extremely principled and very very competent is what all his employers talk about him on LinkedIn. A man with high integrity, sincerity and down to earth blended with a gift of an incredible sense of humor is what his colleagues and friends vouch for.

I have the privilege of knowing Sajit for almost 15 years and have seen him holding on to what he believes. He attributes his success solely to the freedom he has been given by his family to chose his line of passion. One can understand that success is natural where the heart is. Working in Customs, a secured central government job, where most of us think “life is made”, he chucked the cushy job as he felt “that is not where he wanted to be”. His original passion lies in dealing with Human relations and he opted for HR, a decision he took which needs lots of guts in the early eighties. Support from Parents helped him to take this decision as he overcame the pressures of peers, society and immediate family.

Sajit has one best quality of being “adaptable”. This is one characteristic I feel helps a person to fit in the field of your choice.

Being an eternal optimist, he says he is content at all stages of life but never stopped giving his best which has helped him to be what he is today. Having lost his partner at a young age he has raised a beautiful daughter Smrithi with the same values he believed in. she has turned out to be a girl of her own mind.

He too has his own share of pressures and frustrations but Bhagavad Geetha has given him solutions at all times as well as peace. I recommend to all youngsters to practice the religion of your choice as that is through which one derives strength.

Life is like a train and we are all travelers. If you want to have a comfortable life and do not want to create clutter, confusion to yourself and others do not run in the running train he advises the youngsters.

My note: Success is being a happy day in and day out. Try finding your pillar of support. it could be a motivational book, a friend or a family. Try it don’t brood. It’s not worth it.

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  1. Hi ma’am hope you’re doing well😊. Congratulations to new blog😊 I’m happy to be part of it. I believe in the thoughts, experiences from elders helps younger generations. I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. TC Sajith Sir for sharing his life moments and how did he overcome by the religion. I just wanted a little bit more explanation about how the religious book like bhagavad geetha can help us in the helpless situations. So that I can practice.

    Kiran Vijay


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