Dennis Ross serves himself up like road kill in town hall… WFTV just happens to capture the carnage

By Tom Tillison

Republican Congressman Dennis Ross held a town hall Tuesday night in Clermont, but he should have paid heed to a warning I gave GOP lawmakers earlier this month about holding these meeting while on recess.

The professional left was lying in wait for just such an opportunity and Ross served himself up like road kill… with WFTV reporter Christopher Heath on hand to capture the carnage.

Ross found himself being heckled and booed as he fielded one liberal question after another, all carefully designed to make it appear as if the concerns being raised about President Donald Trump, immigration and universal health care are mainstream views.

It’s not like the coordinated effort was a well kept secret — at least not outside the WFTV studio. Hell, even the New York Times reported on the campaign by “national organizers.”

My natural instinct is to ask why Republicans are so stupid… last night brings to mind a line from perhaps the greatest movie ever, “Cool Hand Luke” — after “Casablanca,” naturally.

“Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last [night]. Which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it.”

And boy, did Ross ever get it, as seen in a video posted on Twitter by Heath:

As for Heath, while not an avid supporter of Donald Trump, I can relate to the stance he takes against the media — even if I do believe the president of the United States is not the person to be taking them on. The WFTV “investigative reporter” epitomizes the inherent bias Trump denounces.

Heath was tweeting photos of the line of people to Ross’s town hall a good hour or so before it was scheduled to start and I replied to ask if he was “anticipating ‘theatrics’ from left-wing activists?”

Ever the skeptic when it comes to the left, Heath dismissed the premise entirely in his condescending reply:

When Heath said “this again,” he was referencing my aforementioned tweet about the “institutional left” crashing town halls, to which he replied at the time: “Taking a page from the 2009 Tea Party.”

As for the “theatrics” I asked about and Heath subsequently dismissed… here’s a sampling, courtesy of Heath himself:

WFTV apparently believes the “What’s the plan?” chant on health care was little more than a spontaneous, unscripted action by local “residents.”

Here’s a take from a real local resident in the room, Dr. Jack Cassell, who said on Facebook that of the 300 or so people in the room, 75 percent “were vicious, screaming maniacs.”

“Booing, never letting him answer a question, continually saying that he’s not listening, reading off moronic, prepared statements, it was a bit scary,” Cassell wrote.

Either way, the antics might explain why Heath was there more than an hour before the town hall was scheduled to start… it’s almost as if he knew what was coming.

As a “resident” expert on the professional left who has spent the last 8 years closely following their efforts in Central Florida, I feel compelled to help Heath out a little.

Rule #1, Mr. Heath, when attendees have pre-printed signs that convey an action or a sentiment — as with the “Agree” signs seen below — the odds are high a professional organization, such as a union or union proxy, supplied them.

Rule #2, Mr. Heath: When activists are holding identical pre-printed signs that say they are not being paid, the odds are high they are being paid… or that the signs are furnished by those who are being paid.

But Heath need not worry, he wasn’t the only one in the room oblivious to the realities of the night.

When asked for his thoughts on the meeting afterwards, Ross, who was “hustled out the back door to the continual chant of ‘Do your job,'” as reported in the Los Angeles Times, said it went well.

Yes, the L.A. Times, some three thousand miles away… the N.Y. Times also covered last night’s “performance.”

“Did  you see the turnout? There’s an engaged populous out there and I admire that,” Ross said, according to WMFE-FM. “That’s what this process is about.”

It seems being manipulated as a tool to advance the liberal narrative is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it.

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