New Orange-Osceola State Attorney begins purge, Lew Oliver slam dunk and Cowboys-Giants analysis

Word on the street has it that a purge is underway at the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office.

Newly elected Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala, whose campaign was bankrolled by progressive left boogeyman George Soros, is conducting a housecleaning that goes beyond the scope of removing a few loyalists to predecessor Jeff Ashton, a source tells me on background.

So much for Ayala saying on the night of the election that she wants “those wonderful prosecutors who already work there to have an environment where they can thrive.”

Longtime career prosecutors are said to be receiving notices of dismissal, with defense attorneys being brought in as bureau chiefs. We can only presume Ayala is looking to embed social justice ideologues in the state attorney’s office.

But then, elections do have consequences.


Common sense won the day Thursday night with incumbent Orange County Republican Executive Committee chairman Lew Oliver winning his reelection bid against upstart former Democrat Randy Ross, who led the Trump campaign effort in Orange County.

rossBorrowing from the infinitely more successful Trump, Ross ran under the tagline: “Make Orange County Red Again.”

…but taking into consideration the 73-32 vote, the only thing turning red last night may have been his face.

In a much tighter race, after a tie in the first round of voting, Chadwick Hardee was elected as vice chairman, edging out Doug Guetzloe minion Melissa McGee by two votes in a second vote.

On a side note, it’s unfortunate to see former CD10 candidate Thuy Lowe, who ran a spirited campaign in a race where the demographics dictated she was never going to win, emerge from that experience with so much bitterness toward Oliver… oh well, she has much to learn about political realities — as does Ross. A good first step for Lowe would be a brokered meeting with the OCREC chairman.

Either way, add the OCREC results to the Kansas City Chiefs prevailing against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football and June Bug announcing that he has been cleared for the 2017 NASCAR season, and I would call that a pretty good day.


Speaking of football, the Dallas Cowboys have another big game Sunday night against the New York Giants, the team’s third of four consecutive prime time games — next week’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been ‘flexed’ to Sunday Night.

And while the haters will hate, the Cowboys game last Thursday against the Minnesota Vikings was the highest rated game in the history of Thursday Night Football.

The Cowboys need to set the tone for the playoffs in this road game against the G-men and coming off a 10 day stretch since their last game, head coach Jason Garret doesn’t have a good track record getting his team ready after such layoffs — Dallas was sluggish after its bye earlier this year, falling behind 20-10 to the Philadelphia Eagles at home before rallying late to force overtime, where they prevailed 29-23.

Teams in the NFL have slowly figured out that the way to beat Dallas is to keep its potent offense on the sidelines and the biggest ally opponents have in making this happen is the Cowboys defense, which struggles to stop teams from moving the chains and cannot create turnovers. If New York controls time of possession, they should win the game.

One thing is certain, Dallas caught a break with Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul out for the rest of the regular season after having surgery this week to repair a sports hernia. It should also help that Cowboys rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot both feel they have something to prove after their last game against the Giants — it was the first game of the season and the last time the Cowboys lost.

Here’s an amazing stat that may or may not bode well for Sunday night, considering where you stand on statistical odds: Ezekiel Elliot has never lost a road game in his high school, collegiate or professional career.

Speaking of Dem Boyz, when you own an 11-game winning streak, having fun comes easy:

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