ACORN and the Orange County Board of County Commissioners

I penned a blog earlier this week, borrowing from the Eagles, about how things change slowly, if they ever change at all.

But change does happen, which is why I dedicate today’s effort to Bob Dylan, because the times, they are a’changing.

Newly elected Orange County District 5 Commissioner Emily Bonilla just announced her staff selections, naming Steven Lynch and Kelly Quintero as her aides –which effectively gives ACORN a seat at the county table.

Bonilla’s environmental agenda and her stance against big corporations, who she insists “create economic inequality to increase their own profits,” was a good indication of how liberal she is, but her picks this week show that she clearly plans to govern from a radical, far-left standpoint.

Quintero is a long-time loyal lieutenant to the Randolphs. She served as administrative assistant to Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph, and prior to that was often seen alongside Randolph’s wife, Susannah, the former ACORN community organizer, and Stephanie Porta, the state director of the ACORN Florida spin-off Organize Now, at local protests and other events.

She was also a New Leaders Council fellow. The NLC is a national organization that looks to develop tomorrow’s “progressive leaders,” and a local chapter was formed in Orange County in 2013 by Susannah’s former protege Amy Ritter, who would abruptly quit Organize Now last year without explanation.

Orange County residents can take solace in the passing of petition initiative reform on the November ballot, further protecting them from the influences of outside entities, but the decision making already on display from Bonilla should serve as ample warning that the wolf is always at the door.

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