The Sad Cafe: ‘Things in life change very slowly, if they ever change at all’

While out on my daily walk Tuesday, my senses were suddenly filled with “The Sad Cafe” and I was struck by how the song spoke to my current political outlook.

The ballad was the final track on The Eagles 1979 album The Long Run, with Don Henley on vocals, and comes across as a nostalgic yearning for a more optimistic, naive time. Henley sings about how “we thought we could change this world, with words like ‘love’ and ‘freedom.'”

The lyrics serve as a proper set up for the profound dictum soon to follow:

…things in this life change very slowly,

If they ever change at all

Hyper-sensitive to the slightest criticism, Donald Trump supporters remind me of how Barack Obama’s legion of fans blindly backed their guy following the 2008 election and I can’t help but think that as much as things have changed as a result of the November election, they really haven’t changed much at all.

There have been some stinging defeats for the right in the Age of Obama, with folks experiencing their share of frustration. No doubt, this has shaped their current mindset. But for too many, they have allowed this to turn them into the very beast they once denounced. A lust for control that places winning above all else has always been the weakest aspect of the Republican Party.

As a result, politically speaking, I find myself alone on an island and my interest in politics is seriously waning — the equivalent to watching a sporting event when it matters not who wins.

Undeniably, for traditional-minded Americans, Trump’s cabinet choices have largely been promising and I keep trying to convince myself he will come through on a Supreme Court nominee. At the same time, it’s clear that for many, no matter how great he may falter, Trump can do no wrong. Just as it was with Obama.

Perhaps we should pause long enough to ask ourselves where does this road end?


Education, along with pop culture, is the key to controlling tomorrow’s generation. The left understands this all too well and is laser focused on the classroom for this very reason.

…and it’s no accident that Ida Eskamani, who sits on the board of the radical left ACORN Florida spin-off Organize Now, is touting what is being called the “Real Talk” initiative — see below.

Who is represented in the Real Talk coalition that’s “committed to building a more equal public school system?” And what does this “more equal” classroom look like? One thing is all but certain, the call for “more diverse voices” is code for eschewing traditional values.

Knowing the left as I do, be afraid. Be very afraid. … Charter schools and home schooling never looked better.

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