ACORN goes to Tallahassee, Lew Oliver is the hands down easy choice, Fight for $15 union protest fizzles

ACORN goes to Tallahassee.

With former community organizer Susannah Randolph losing out in her bid for Congress, ACORN did not quite make it to Washington.

…but Tallahassee makes for a nice consolation prize.

In the latest example of elections having consequences, Ida Eskamani, a gay rights activist for Equality Florida and board member of ACORN Florida spin-off Organize Now was tapped to be the legislative aide for newly elected state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, a former Equality Florida activist himself.

HD49 residents who are not gay may be hard pressed to see much “representation” in the state capital over the next couple of years — not that much happens on the back bench anyway.

With the election for party leadership just over a week away, Orange County Republican Executive Committee chairman Lew Oliver gave a rare media interview this week.

Oliver, a man of action more than words, spoke with the Orlando Political Observer about next week’s election and was confident that he will hold off a challenge from upstart former Democrat Randy Ross.

“I don’t customarily run for things I don’t think I can win,” he told OPO. “I’m pretty good at talking to our members. I’ve spent 30 years of hard work building relationships and accomplishing things.”

Sounds like a man who has done a whip count.

Oliver never mentioned Ross as an opponent, but it was hard to miss his intent when he spoke about there being “no awkward skeletons in my closet.”

“I am not looking to milk the party for status or money or work, and I have no awkward skeletons in my closet that can easily undermine the credibility and effectiveness of the party. “ Oliver said. “I think our members can see all that.”

As for skeletons, Ross had his share of legal problems early this year and pleaded guilty to making a false insurance claim that $35,000 in lawn furniture was stolen from him. Authorities said Ross never bought or possessed the furniture. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Ross was sentenced to  probation, 250 hours community service and ordered to pay about $4,000 in restitution.

Oliver stressed that he will not campaign for office on social media — a smart play given that it has little value in an intraparty election involving a hundred or so members.

“I don’t plan to run an election on Facebook and blogs,” he said. “As I say on my calls, how can you lead a political party whose chief duty is personal engagement with voters if you don’t personally engage your own members?”

Amid reports this week that Ross was involved in some sordid deal with nefarious political consultant Doug Guetzloe to run OCREC, a deal that apparently fell through, prompting Guetzloe to claim he too may run, Oliver is the easy choice here. Hands down.


Tuesday was the promised day of action for the SEIU-led “Fight for $15” union organizing movement. Union activists promised the “largest, most disruptive protest ever” in 340 cities and while there were some arrests around the country, activists were relatively tame in Central Florida — of course, it’s hard to get arrested when the Orlando Police Department allow union activists posing as fast food workers to block streets at will.

As seen in the video below, activists in Tampa show just how out of touch they are with mainstream America by openly embracing the radical Black Lives Matter movement — the move is a desperate attempt at solidarity to draw bodies… and media attention:

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