Guetzloe casts sinister shadow over Orange County GOP, Melissa McGee & The Florida Bar and ‘Play of the Day’

Almost eight years after a hostile takeover of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee came up short, the sinister shadow of Doug Guetzloe still looms over the local party.

With the election for OCREC chairman a little more than a week away, Guetzloe has reared his ugly head to say he’s considering a run after an alleged deal with Randy Ross fell through – Ross, a former Democrat who headed up the Trump campaign’s efforts in Orange County, just announced that he was challenging incumbent Lew Oliver for the seat.

The Orlando Political Observer reported Monday that there was “talk” of a nefarious cabal involving Guetzloe, Ross and Melissa McGee, before Ross allegedly backed out. Of course, we know Guetzloe’s claim that he may run is a feign because he’s not the most popular fellow on the block. More than likely, he’s unhappy with Ross and is using his own dubious reputation to taint Ross’s run.

Either way, not that OCREC members needed a reason to back Oliver over Ross, but this should pretty much seal the deal.

As for McGee, I noted in a late night post Sunday that Chadwick Hardee was running for vice chairman of OCREC and asked if anyone else was in the running. I have since been informed that McGee may throw her hat in the ring.

McGee is a failed candidate for Orange GOP state committeewoman and, if her inclusion is true, her potential success would place two Guetzloe minions at the head of OCREC.

(Guetzloe not only backed McGee’s failed run, but also supported Paul Paulson, who was just elected Orange GOP state committeeman.)

McGee served as the outreach chair of the Orange County for Donald Trump Campaign and is identified as a lawyer, though The Florida Bar says otherwise:


And speaking of Donald Trump, here’s a little levity after such a heavy lift:


The “Play of the Day” Sunday in the NFL belonged to Baltimore Ravens’ savvy head coach John Harbaugh, a former special teams coach who knew a game can end on an offensive penalty.

Clinging to a 19-12 lead over the Cincinnati Bengals and facing a fourth down with 11 seconds remaining, the last thing Harbaugh wanted to see was a blocked punt or return.

…so he instructed the punting unit to do whatever it took to keep the Ravens defense from getting to the punter — even tackling them, if necessary — who then ran out the clock before stepping out of the back of the end zone for a safety.

The stunt secured a 19-14 win for the Ravens.

And how about that ending last night in an instant classic divisional match-up between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs?

In the words of the venerable John Madden: “Doink!

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