Lew Oliver not the problem… Randy Ross NOT the answer, Dolphins fans properly greet 49ers malcontent QB

As expected, Randy Ross is overplaying his hand.

The former Orange County chairman for the Trump campaign announced that he is challenging incumbent Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Lew Oliver — the election is on December 8.

Donald Trump pulled off a stunning win, but lost in Orange County — a dirty little secret here is that under the direction of Ross, Trump under-performed locally compared to the 2012 election. Trump received more votes (195,216 compared to Romney’s 188,589), but a smaller percentage of overall votes (35.3% compared to Romney’s 40.4%) — there are more registered voters in 2016 than in 2012.

I know Lew Oliver well and believe he’s too invested in a controlled party structure and he has been in the position for a long time, but there are few who are more knowledgable or have sharper political skills. I recall Lew saying Orange County was Indian country for Republicans after the 2012 election and that bothered me because I felt he was too accepting of this reality. With Democrats holding an edge of 120,506 registered voters in Orange County and NPA voters outnumbering Republicans by 4276, relegating the GOP to third place, these are certainly dismal times for Republicans.

But not so dismal that the answer is electing Randy Ross, who was a registered Democrat this time last year.

I recall Lew once likening politics to a swinging pendulum and in that scenario, the pendulum is currently well on the left side of the dial. It remains to be seen if it swings back to the right and while I believe the local GOP could be more dynamic, Lew Oliver is NOT the problem.

I see Chadwick Hardee announced his candidacy for vice chairman of OCREC amid rumors incumbent Wendy West is not seeking reelection. I find Chadwick to be affable, but can’t help but wonder if anyone else is in the running?

The party continues to drift toward the center and as a former member of OCREC, I don’t see much draw to return anytime soon… but these are interesting times with the Trump faction and rank and file political class Republicans making for strange bedfellows.

…can only wonder what happens when the honeymoon ends.


San Francisco 49ers ill-informed QB Colin Kaepernick was soundly booed on Sunday by Miami fans, as he should have been after praising brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro in the days leading up to the game.

Oh… and Kaepernick’s 49ers lost the game, falling to 1-10 on the season. #JustRewards

Watching the Tampa Bay Bucs take on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, I couldn’t recall the last time I saw a home team try so hard to lose a game… or when I saw an opponent more disinterested in winning! Nonetheless, it was a big win for Tampa.


Early Christmas shoppers, I recently purchased Bose® SoundSport® Wireless Headphones and while I’ve only had them for about two weeks, I’m thrilled with the product.

I wear them while doing my daily walks and voila! … the outside world vanishes as if it was never there. The in-ear headphones are comfortable and the sound is great. Some reviews hit Bose on the 6-hour battery life, but that’s more than enough for me on a day-to-day basis.


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